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How It Works

Our two urine tests diagnose non-adherence





Our first urine test is a lab-based test. We collect your patients' urine samples and deliver you the results of their adherence in just a few days. 

Point of Care





Our second test will be a point of care test allowing you to test your patients' urine during their clinical visit. 

(Ready for research use.)

UrSure enhances the existing PrEP algorithm

Our tests require no additional visits, no extra samples, and no clinical burden.

The diagnosis leads to targeted intervention

Patient Testing




Our noninvasive, diagnostic urine test is administered to a patient on PrEP by a provider. 

Physician Analysis




The provider receives the test result and interpretation in just a few days. 

Effective Intervention




If the patient is non-adherent, the provider or PrEP navigator can tailor an adherence intervention to the individual based on their needs.