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Director of Product Management

Location: Boston, MA


Employment Status: Full time


Duration: Career-track position.


Compensation: Competitive salary plus equity


Organization Summary:


UrSure Inc. is a fast-growing startup that makes urine tests to help providers and patients improve medication

adherence. Our mission is to make medications work effectively for vulnerable patients worldwide.

Our initial tests are focused on improving adherence to a drug called Tenofovir that can both prevent and treat

HIV as well as treat Hepatitis B. We have commercialized a lab-based version of our tests, and we are currently

developing a Point of Care version that we will look to deploy to patients and providers worldwide.

We have already helped improve medication management for hundreds of individuals in the US, and we look

forward to developing the clinical strategy that will allow us to scale our tests to the millions of patients in

the US and abroad that can benefit from our novel tests.


Position Summary:


UrSure Inc. is seeking a highly motivated individual for its Director of Product Management. This role will be

in charge of getting our first-in-class Point of Care test to market in 16 months and driving clinical adoption.

As a young and rapidly growing company, we are looking for a flexible candidate who will be able to manage a

diverse portfolio of exciting initiatives. We are not seeking a specific content expert and rather want an

individual who will work closely with our clinical, scientific, and regulatory experts to hit key milestones.


Qualifications (Knowledge, Education, and Skills):


• Education:

     o A post-graduate degree in a relevant discipline (i.e. public health, medicine, bioengineering,

        business, or policy) would be highly valued.

• Work experience:

     o Minimum of 5-years experience in managing projects with multiple stakeholders.

• Required skills and experience:

     o Leader comfortable managing a diverse set of projects with the support of a variety of experts

     o Past successes leading large-scale, strategic projects

     o Stakeholder engagement and relationship management

     o Familiarity with domestic and international healthcare systems.

     o Strategic vision to identify and prioritize key milestones

     o Entrepreneurial initiative to propose and pursue key activities

     o Strong data analysis and/or epidemiology skillset

• Highly valued but not required:

     o Technical expertise in diagnostics/immunoassay development

     o Regulatory experience with FDA and CE Mark


Essential Duties and Responsibilities:


Successful candidates must show a high capacity for self-driven, results-oriented work and will report directly

to the CEO while managing our R&D and Clinical Validation work streams. Of note, we have assembled

significant clinical and technical expertise through team members, advisors, vendors, and consultants, and this

the position will have extensive content expertise at their disposal to accomplish the following responsibilities.


R&D Focused Responsibilities:


• Manage FDA regulatory process - design, set up, and manage studies with support from UrSure’s

regulatory consultant, advisors, and clinical team

• Manage Lateral Flow Immunoassay development vendor - work with OEM team to hit deadlines and

complete product development.

• Manage implementation of Quality Management System - work with UrSure’s quality consultants.

• Set and execute strategy for future test pipeline - identify future drug targets that we should develop tests

to, find funding sources, and manage the application process. Supported by UrSure BD and clinical team.

• Manage IP strategy - work with UrSure's IP consultants to protect IP as R&D progresses.

Clinical Validation Focused Responsibilities:

• Set and execute on the strategy for clinical validation studies - Work with UrSure clinical team to identify

what clinical research questions need to be answered for UrSure's tests to become standard of care.

     o Identify clinical study collaboration opportunities with external researchers and set up

        partnerships in the US and abroad.

     o Design, recruit co-investigators, apply for funding, and manage internally conducted studies.

• Manage publication of findings - work with UrSure clinical team to identify target publication and

presentation opportunities to disseminate our research findings

• Clinical guideline inclusion - identify guidelines that determine the standard of care and manage

relationships with KOLs to introduce UrSure or adherence monitoring in those guidelines.


Additional Note:


This role will be initially funded by a supplemental grant to UrSure’s Phase II SBIR grant.

This grant is intended to promote diversity in Research and Development and will, therefore, fund women,

individuals from nationally underrepresented groups (per NIH: Blacks or African Americans, Hispanics or

Latinos, American Indians or Alaska Natives, Native Hawaiians and other Pacific Islanders), and/or socially

and economically disadvantaged candidates.


Contact: If interested in the position, please contact Giffin Daughtridge at giffin@ursureinc.com.