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Midland Medical Center Reports Almost 90% PrEP Adherence with Revamped Protocol

With the President’s Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS meeting in Miami this week, Oakland Park’s Midland Medical Demonstrates Promising Results from Innovative PrEP program.

Oakland Park, FL October 25 -

After revamping their PrEP protocol earlier this year, Midland Medical Center has enrolled hundreds of patients in their novel PrEP program. Midland’s CEO, Michael Supino, reports that “in addition to prescribing PrEP, we offer a comprehensive set of services to improve PrEP adherence and retention. These have been two of the major issues limiting PrEP’s effectiveness in other clinics to date.”


Two of those services are Healthvana, which provides a digital app to report lab results directly to patients and allow them to communicate directly with clinical staff and UrSure, a urine based test to measure adherence to PrEP.


After running 99 UrSure PrEP adherence samples over the last four months, Midland Medical Center has demonstrated extremely high levels of adherence. Only 11% of their patients have tested sub-optimally adherent at their 6-month visit (see figure below), which is a time when PrEP adherence usually wanes. Per Giffin Daughtridge, the founder and CEO of UrSure, “this level of adherence places them in the top 20% of clinics UrSure works with and indicates that Midland has been able to maintain adherence much longer than new clinical programs are usually able to”.


Midland’s adherence levels suggest two key insights:

1. Midland’s PrEP infrastructure, which includes the Healthvana patient-facing PrEP app is

    driving high levels of adherence.

2. Midland has a relatively low risk of losing patients to care. UrSure’s data across almost 4,000

    adherence tests indicates that patients who test non-adherent are more than 2x as likely to

    drop out of care in the next 6 months. With Midland’s low non-adherence rate, they are less

    prone to non-retention.


With such high adherence and low non-retention in care, Midland, Healthvana, and UrSure hope that other clinics will study and replicate best practices from this innovative and effective PrEP system.


Learn more about these organizations here:

Midland Medical Center


UrSure Inc.

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