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Clinics in 10 States have Adopted UrSure’s PrEP Adherence Test

Harvard spinoff has sold more than 4,000 tests to improve HIV care for vulnerable patients

BOSTON, November 1, 2019 — 

UrSure, an HIV prevention company, today announced that the company has sold over 4,000 of their PrEP adherence tests to leading clinics nationwide. Users of the test include the Washington, DC and Houston Departments of Health, AIDS Healthcare Foundation (the largest HIV provider in the world), and other clinics in 10 different states.


“If you are a gay, black man in America, you have a 1 in 2 chance of getting HIV in your lifetime,” said Giffin Daughtridge, co-founder and CEO of UrSure. “UrSure is focused on protecting this vulnerable population from infection.”


PrEP can perfectly prevent HIV, but poor adherence has limited PrEP’s effectiveness. To combat this problem, UrSure has developed a novel urine test that measures adherence to PrEP so that doctors can target support and counseling to their least adherent patients. UrSure’s method has been associated with a substantial increase in adherence: patients who test non-adherent on UrSure’s tests are adherent at their next visit 74% of the time.


Added Daughtridge, “UrSure was founded by two doctors after several of our patients became HIV positive due to low PrEP adherence. We’re thrilled to see clinics across the U.S. adopt our test, and hope that our company can play a small role in ending the HIV epidemic once and for all.”

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